Women’s streetstyle 001

img_8045JEULIANNE FASHION OOTD (31/7/2016)

How I styled her

The idea of this outfit it to showcase my younger brother’s design of the oversized hockey jersey with a female model to contrast the fact that the fashion piece (the hockey jersey) comes from a male dominated sport. Where violence and testosterone seems to run rampant and the stadiums where they are held are at high energy.

I wanted to go against the grain and portray a chic, cute, delicate and even sexy style with this piece of menswear. I think other than the obvious using it as a dress idea to feminise this outfit, there are 3 main things I did to make it a more appealing and stylish streetwear outfit for women.

The first part is the choker. It not only complements the striped lines towards the bottom of her dress but it also adds texture to the black and white V neck collar of the jersey itself, it’s straightness on her neck also adds another layer of lines to the outfit. At the same time, the sexy and provocative nature that a choker tends to bring usually depends on the outfit that accompanies it and in this case, the jersey acts as a oversized dress that is a more chic than provocative style of contemporary streetwear.


A similar addition to her outfit, that adds sexiness and at the same time a innovative style that has been out of the mainstream womenswear is the choker used as a garter belt. Just like the choker on her neck, it adds sexiness and a little tease while it’s colour code with the outfit suggest control as a woman who is confident in both looks and how she carries herself. However, unlike the choker it goes against the symmetrical aesthetic of the outfit and she only has it on her left leg. This works both as a tease in terms of style and as a way to make this outfit have more personality. This piece makes the outfit more fun and brings something new to the table in terms of accessorising dress type outfits these days.

The last piece of accessory that fully transforms this hockey jersey into womenswear is the lolita socks that accompanied the simple dress shoes. This essential piece not only adds charisma, cuteness and chic into the outfit, but also complements the notion of wearing the oversized hocker jersey as a street styled dress. It brings the feminine charm into this masculine piece of fabric and changes it into a must have style for the upcoming fall season, especially with the expected return of black and grunge in streetwear.


To conclude, the mixture of the choker the garter belt and the dainty lolita socks completely changes this sometimes overlooked piece of menswear into a possible female wardrobe staple in the upcoming fall and perhaps winter season. Let me know what you think about this outfit and send us pictures if you’ll try something similar.


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