Basic Cotton beret review


Date: 31-7-2016

OOTD: Basic Cotton “CRUSH ON YOU” strap back beret

Custom Patched “PHEONIX” Black Hockey Shirt

So one thing that has been on my thoughts as of late is the increasing innovation of South Korean fashion designers. The beret I’m wearing surprised me when I saw it at the hat section in A-land, a Korean boutique type of place. Never in my dreams did I think that I would wear a beret and call it fashionable even after it’s sudden boom in popularity from late fall 2015 to spring 2016. Though since then, the hype of this head accessory has died down due to the difficult nature of styling it. However it can still prove to be an essential piece for specific outfits for experience/innovative stylist. I found that it’s somewhat girly aesthetic wouldn’t fit today’s multiple layered, solemn and rugged street style, especially the western trends( though I have to admit, that it’s easier for Korea since people experiment a lot more there). A beret is simply too delicate for edgy ripped jeans and over sized OFFWHITE tees.

So why in the world would this Basic Cotton sell these, as a unisex piece and leaving it’s main colours Black and Blood Red? Why would they try to experiment with this head gear that peaked last season as a cute, pastel piece for the girly girls of fashion? Well, from the design, it’s pretty much to make a statement in the streetwear world. Let me show you:


The piece has a strap back. As a hat, the traditional cap strap backs were an iconic piece of clothing that first debuted as a type of merchandise for sports teams and moved on to mainstream media over the years from rappers to fashion icons. This style died down in the late 90s to late 2000s when snapbacks came to life and it resurfaced as trucker caps popularised by many different brands most common ones being Nike, as well as fashion enthusiast who trifted and made their own. Now that the strapback has returned, many people have dabbled and experimented with it over the recent years. With text, aesthetically pleasing stitching or design, even screen print or distressing being the most notable ones.

So why is it exactly that they decided to make this piece? The answer is simple, instead of trying to further experimenting on the iconic strapback cap(that’s been beaten to death at this point) they moved to a different style of headwear. Fashion always moves to different trends is something most people know. However, some trends can move into different fabrics and styles as well. And this piece in my opinion embodies that. It gives enough attention to itself while complementing a more rugged and not necessarily delicate style. It stays chic and incorporate the embroidered text trends on most caps and as a beret it creates a unique silhouette for a head piece.

This is definitely one of my favourite hats currently and I am following basic cotton on instagram and have been quite interested in their aesthetics.

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