@Jeulianne rocking Unif


December 2016 was an interesting time for me to take photos. I had recently been incredibly busy with work and planning for Jeulianne’s art exhibition but one photoshoot that stood out to me was the time we went to take photos at the Hong Kong/Shenzen border. Jeulianne wore Unif along with the right confident and sexy attitude that the brand is often associated with.

Feeling herself near a construction site in China. Fishnet leggings, turtle neck, choker and Unif Flex mini are all part of this chic girl with attitude package.



Out of all the 3 pieces I’d have to say personally that the flex mini dress is the most stylish thing Jeulianne added to her wardrobe from Unif. It has a really unique silhouette which is uncommon in dresses nowadays and more importantly it has some very stretchable fabric. It can be an essential Unif piece that is a must have whether you decide to wear it on its own or choose to use it for layering the same way I styled Jeulianne with a white turtle neck and belt choker.


Though overdone, the stripped T shirt seem revitalised in Unif’s Lenny Top. It has a much shorter sleeve and length almost like a crop top, as if it’s teasing skin ever so slightly. Who knew a simple stripped half crop shirt could carry confident sex appeal. The blue, red, yellow and green colours embroidered  to spell Unif is a great addition to the classic stripped top and the colours seem to work well with each other. It definitely makes good use of the black and white and turns it into a simple backdrop for the iconic brand name.img_6108img_6094

Styling the Unif red temp skirt with a custom patched blazer


So this high-waisted skirt is a great example of how a mini skirt can be long enough and still be incredibly stylish. It’s high-waisted design puts a lot of focus on the waist and hips making the wearer’s curves look much better. It’s perfect to style along side some nice fishnets if you’re feeling adventurous. In Jeulianne’s case, I decided to go for a streetwear look complete with the Sailormoon Graphic Tee (from storedogdog which I will talk about in another time), custom patched blazer and mary janes to complete her look.

Think about it, Unif is not just an empowering, stylish and sexy brand for women but it also sells it’s own personal attitude and confidence. It’s a style that’s versatile and can blend well with other brands while still being noticeable enough. If you’re a girl with a credit card or paypal, I highly suggest you shop at Unif as they always have something new and have plenty of sales. Not to mention, they also have an amazing lookbook with great photographers.


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