Cattle Depot Artist Village

January 2017 was an interesting start of the year for me. I had many new years resolutions that I was able to achieve. I started doing more video editing and networking for GoldfishTV, started trying to get back to shape, took more photos of my girlfriend and other people and most importantly made time to go to more art exhibitions. I really wanted to make sure that I could stay motivated, productive and creative at the same time.

One of the more interesting exhibition I had gone to with Jeul was the Cattle Depot Artist Village.

It used to be a slaughter house, hence the name.
It is the only building that was preserved in its time. It’s surrounded by estates and a power plant is right next to it.
Seeing this style of building with the tall buildings in the horizon is a pretty interesting.

So for those of you who might want to check it out, it’s located on 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, Ma Tau Kok. It’s not hard to miss, given the fact that it’s literally an ancient looking group of small buildings surrounded by estates. But in the situation that you can’t find, it’s the old ass looking building next to the power plant.

This is the power plant I was talking about. Don’t worry, the smog didn’t make it hard to breathe. Just made the sky pretty gloomy.

Currently, there are about 20 different artist showcasing their work there. Their art style ranges from photography and calligraphy to installations and video. Diversity is definitely a strong point of this art exhibition. More so than that though, the way the artist built structures to support their various artworks was also quite creative.

Another thing to note about the place is how much it juxtaposes the immediate surrounding environment and Hong Kong itself. It is a set of small buildings with outdated style of architecture(did I tell you that it was an active slaughter house from 1908-1999? It’s older than my grandparents.), with open spaces inside. Despite it being dwarfed by the buildings around it, once inside any of the exhibition spaces, you will feel how spacious it is. It pretty poetic how a place that caged animals and killed them is now a place that’s more spacious than the average home and constantly showcasing artwork. It’s a life and death type of comparison. Where the past was about dead animals and the present full of new creative life in a city that many complains lacks creativity.

I don’t know why, but this is literally the only photo I took inside.

That aside, we had went there to take photos and to finish an essay. It was part of Jeul’s course work. We got all that stuff done in around 30 minutes and spent the rest of our time doing what we usually do: take photos of Jeul and here OOTD.

Personally, I really liked these cubes. The child inside me was compelled to play with them and relive my most innocent moments. Here’s a picture of Jeul playing with blocks because I didn’t get one of me taken.
I like Jeul’s beret. I wish I had one too.
For those of you wondering, the glasses are from Giantvintage.
Gotta take multiple photos.


I like this photo out of all of them.

Her outfit:

Mustard Bomber Jacket: Trifted

Blue Blouse: Trifted

Beret: Aland

Sunglasses: Giantvintage (got a 50% off discount during new years)

Shoes: Morph8ne

This was one of Jeul’s go to outfits when she’s feeling like she wants a vintage comfy looking outfit. I really feel like the shades and the mustard bomber gives it that distinct personality and I really enjoy styling outfits that has it’s own personality. Especially if it gives a confident and empowering feel for women. That’s something I personally pride myself when it comes to being a stylist and a photographer.



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