Trip To Seoul 2016

On April 30 2016, my brothers and I went to Korea for the first time. It was on a family trip that we were able to experience the full extent of Seoul’s high-end/streetwear fashion culture.

The biggest thing that stood out to me is the fact that there were much more people wearing shoes like Raf Simmons, Rick Owens and not as many wearing Jordans or other hypebeast type of footwear. There were more Doctor Martens,Maison margielas, Comme Des Garcons shoes everywhere along with the occasional yeezys for people’s choice of shoe. It seemed as if that whenever people wore sneakers it would be either a high end sneaker OR a overhyped comfortable type of shoe, like the Adidas Stan Smiths.

Another thing that interested me is how a lot of the fashion boutiques sold very innovative and currently popular silhouettes  at that time. At the beginning of 2016 marks the rising trend of extended sleeves in streetwear and fashion and Korea was right there selling their own brands that sold this style. A brand for example that sold clothes of this style is Basic Cotton or Mixmix. If you’d like to shop for Korean streetwear fashion clothes and don’t live at a place where they do sell it, I highly recommend the site Oddgallery. It will introduce to many different brands. Click the link below to check it out!

Odd Gallery 

Now moving on to what I personally wore:




So let’s start with hats:

I got the white tri striped Adidas from the trift back in Hong Kong. My favourite thing about this specific curve brim is that the stitching of the 3 stripes from the end of the brim to the body of the hat is something I don’t really see that often. It reminded me of the vertical 3 stripes that are more often seen on Y-3 Addidas clothing.

The Black Soft Curve Brim was made by my younger brother and it says “unloved” in red stitching which I think is really dope in a minimalistic way. There was definitely a need to have simple styled clothing in my wardrobe while I was in Korea.

As for the pastel pink cap, I got it from a street stall in Seoul. I thought that it was pretty cute and had got it for my girlfriend but I ended up liking it’s fit. It was very comfortable and the nature of pastel colors is that even when it stands out, it doesn’t do so strongly so I was able to incorporate it to my fits.

Alright, let’s move on to what I wore on body:

For the most part, I wore two different shirts.

The first one was an over sized camo shirt. It was extended but it was also quite wide at the same time giving a lot of breathing room. Personally, I’ve been liking over sized shirts over extended, U-cut shirts to use for layering at the bottom of my shirt/jackets. As time goes by it’s starting to look very unkempt when excess fabric sticks out from under a jacket. However, when the shirt is oversized, it seems more forgiving as a way of layering. Maybe it’s just me and layering with extended shirts will never die out but all I know is I either love over sized or well fitting clothes right now.

Now let’s talk about the pink long sleeve. I bought it in a small boutique in seoul and it fit pretty well, it was slightly oversized and the sleeves where wider than usual and a little cropped. The fabric was very breathable and comfortable to wear and it’s been one of my all time favourite shirts this last 2016 because of just that.

About the two jackets I wore, it’s pretty simple to explain. This past spring/summer/autumn season I pretty much jumped on the Sakujan Bandwagon and wore my own Souvenir Jacket. Luckily, I didn’t have to pay 300USD for a vintage-esque jacket and instead got an actual vintage sakujan jacket from the trift that my younger brother bought. Needless to say, 2016 was a year of finding fire in the trifts.

As for the other jacket, it’s just a basic Champion track jacket. Though if there is something for me to say about it, it’s the thickness of this track jacket. It can definitely keep you warm but don’t think of it as a layering piece. It’s a jacket and just that.

Now let’s talk legwear.

To make it brief, I wore to pairs of  pants. One was a baggy light denim that I had folded around 3 time to get a cropped look and to give more space for the sneaker (which I will talk about later) and the other is an actual cropped skinny black jeans. More or less your typical jeans for streetwear at the time.

Now for shoes, it was actually a pretty special experience for me. My younger brothers Joshua and Jeremy are streetwear/higher-end brand lovers and they got me a pair of Raf Simons sneakers for my birthday and I wore it around Korea since. It’s a pretty shoe but definitely not something that can be seen as normal as far as sneakers go. I wasn’t sure how to wear it but it came to me that all I needed was that, just wear it. Despite its futuristic and different design, it’s not something I have to base my entire outfit around on. It has a much wider and bulky silhouette than the popular sleek ones. To style it only really needs to give it enough space, hence the cropped pants I wore.

So that’s what I wore when I went to Seoul for the first time. Another thing to note is that Seoul’s streetwear community is very experimental and they love to try their own things so if you are a fashion enthusiast then I highly recommend stepping out of your own comfort zone and you won’t be judged.